Trust your aviation education and certification to the experienced and reputable instructors at Baron Enterprises Flight School. We know how important flying is to you, that is why we have made sure we employ only FAA Certified Pilots to ensure your safety and give you the best experience possible. We make sure you are in safe hands as you enjoy your time in the Ohio skies.

Our Flight School offers several options for the beginner or experienced flyer. If you want to taste flight for the first time or are an enthusiast who loves to fly then schedule a preliminary flight to discover the joys of flying. This one-time 30-minute will give you a taste of the adventure with no further commitment on your part.

However, if you feel up to the challenge of continuing your flight career, you will benefit from affordable training classes and one-on-one instruction here at Baron Enterprises. Our instructors will train you to obtain a recreational pilot license, commercial pilot license, private pilot license, commercial pilot license, Insert Here, Insert here or instrument rating after the completion of the required aviation training programs.

Whatever your desire, our flight training experts can make your dream a reality. To begin learning how to master the skies, call our offices at 1-800 xxx-xxxx or email us at baronent@acc-net.com.

One-on-one instruction.

One-on-one instruction.

Kristen Conrad

Kristen Conrad; FAA Certified Instructor